Devtober 2020 - PostMortem

PostMortem - Gamejam end

Dev-log's of me trying to have a complete version online the end of this month for the DEVTOBER game-jam!

Start of the Game-Jam

My plan was to work on my first 100% completed game project. I have been working on this game before and the idea was to get it (finally) done. While posing "daily" short posts with some screenshots as extra motivation for myself to get work done everyday.

End of the Game-Jam

It turned out that everything took a lot longer, since this is my first project to completion I was not really aware how long polish and optimization would cost. I decided to move the end date to the end of November, most of the game is done but its far from ready. I want it to be an mobile game and to do this properly I also want to implement achievements and ad's next to a nice mobile input that will be different from the itch version. And then do a bit of promotions and things like this.

The idea to do a devlog was nice and made me work on the game most days. I was not really lacking the motivation to do so, more the energy since corona prevents me to do my work as a photographer so most day's I'm at home learning my self to program. But the longer it goes on the less energy I have. Its a good thing to work or to have something to force you to go out and do stuff. Sitting around all day with nothing that has to be done and only yourself to set yourself to work sounds fun but its hard. 

From the looks of it not much has chanced, but I really did a lot. Also needed a few tutorials to help me out, reading about stuff  that will be practical later like how to put a game on the app store properly. Also Localization, More levels, map editor, Constantly updating game-play, Constantly updating UI, Tutorials levels and improving on them, seeking people to help and more.

The Dev-logs

My main focus was on making devlogs every week with "daily" posts, instead of a good and solid PostMortem. But since its part of the game-jam too i made this short post. Never made something like this, so guess its a good thing to at-leased look at it a bit ;).

I have posed the links here of all the devlogs I have done.

week 1:
week 2:
week 3:
week 4:
week 5:




citybuilder 47 MB
Oct 30, 2020
CityBuilder 44 MB
Oct 30, 2020
citybuilder 49 MB
Oct 30, 2020

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