Devtober 2020 - Daily post - week 2

Daily post - week 2

This will be updated daily with Dev-log's of me trying to have a complete version online the end of this month for the DEVTOBER game-jam!

05-10-2020 - new beta online!

Today I managed to fix all last things I wanted to do before putting the new version online. The tutorial is not great the way it is and still thinking about chancing it and there are many things left that are not final yet. But it all works now and it was starting to look and work differently then the old version so i really wanted to update it.

This stupid a** UI scaling issue dit also reaprear. Everything was great in the editor, but then after exporting it was not. Stupid unity UI the scaling is always an issue. After many tries/exports with scripts settings and other UI component if finally works. I have to move some stuff so the placing is not perfect but the only way I could make it work. Why is there now grid UI component that scales the cells? Even with scripts the scaling did not work properly...

fuck you unity UI

06-10-2020 - Starting work on beta 2.4

Did not have a ton of time today and had to edit many photos for work, send emails and that kind of stuff. But in the evening I had some time to write a todo list where to work on next and wrote down some notes about the new feature I wanted to put in the game "Challenge Mode" and started making some (test) puzzles for this.

06-10-2020 - City Challenge, new GameMode

Been working on a new game-play mode where you get random levels in 3 difficulties. With an normal and hard mode whereby you can't undo/ restart levels in hard mode with a time hi-score. In the normal mode you can take all the time you want and use the undo and restart buttons but they will cost you points in the end.

The normal puzzle selection felt needed for the feel of replay value after you have done all the normal puzzles. This challenge will have a lot of puzzles that are not in the main game. And would be a good place to put community puzzles if I ever decide to make a "map maker" in game.

07-10-2020 / 10-10-2020 - Work, Friends and new GameMode

Still working on  the city challenge/ run challenge game mode. Making screen transmissions, score screens testing some options and mechanics. Almost got everything done how I want it, most UI stuff like in the whole game is more like place holders. Would love to find a UI/ graphic designer to  create a great looking menu and HUD, at leased al the logic and placement is there. Been a bit busy with work and "life" stuff and seems I'm way behind in where i wanted to be right now...

11-10-2020 / 12-10-2020 - Fixing errors, mistakes and completing new GameMode.

The plan was to get this game done by the end of the month, but everything takes so much longer and free time seems to be occupied with distractions and low energy levels, after so many months of not being able to do my daytime job, lock-downs and everything. My whole work mindset is fading more and more it seems. Its hard to motivate myself, get out of bed and not be lazy all day. Can't be the only one who has less energy these days then usual. But still try to go on and work on this! But a bit more feedback and response could be helpful so I'm putting messages out there to pull people to the project and get feedback, hope it helps a bit! But for this I do need everything to work properly, so update coming very very soon.

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