Android Open Beta Online!

It all took a bit longer then expected but the android version is finally here! Some of the puzzles and languages are still missing but will be added soon. When the game is done on android I will turn in back into a WebGL game too and update the itch page, where it will be free to play but it will not include a skip option or extra puzzles and buildings, this will only be avalible in the android version. At this point there are not plans for an ISO port, but who knows!

This game is still under development, in case you find bugs or content missing feel free to contact me or just wait for the next update :)

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This is my first real open-beta and I was not aware that updating the game on takes google a few days to check the new release before its available. So this slows down the process a bit, so all reported bug, spelling,... fixes will take longer to appear to be fixed.

*EDIT- it was a google play-store error, new versions get stuck into the system sometimes...