Internal android beta testing!

Android internal testing!

The game is updated in every-way and transitioned into a mobile game with the connection chances of a missing mouse hover and other functions that work differently or not so good on mobile. Its close to being ready, and when it is +60 puzzles will be added to the game! AND a web-version will be build as well!

If your curious or want to help, hit me up and I will add you to the testers list!

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Hello, long time no see, I did the space themed Jam (like you did too) few months ago.This video can interest you. Especially the advice to send a mail to to have your game featured.

Good luck. 

PS:Something will be done for the contributors (like you) of the previous "Practice Circle Jams" done hesitate to visit us on the discord.

Hey! Okey cool thanks! I'm trying to get this game really done and some extra attention for it would be fantastic! I will check out the discord too later this week and see whats going on there too :) hope your doing well yourself and all your projects :)

I don't know your name on the discord, so say hello when you come. I am a moderator now so i can give you the roles corresponding to your participation at the practice circle Jam if you don't have them yet.


I am hosting the new "practice circle" until the end of the year but it's the same community, You are welcome. It's for practice ,testing new things and having useful feedbacks on projects as usual. For other things, you will need to contact me on the discord, it depend of what you mean by extra attention.

thanks for the invite! Tomorrow i will be on discord spreading the word around for the open beta version for android of my game :) 

Currently i do not have the time or plans to do a gamejam, first have to get this project done fully and that takes so much longer then expected but its getting there ;) but nice to hear your hosting that gamejam! have fun!