New Browser version live! (& mac/ windows build)

Finally the new browser version is online!

I have been focusing on the android version to get that one right and mostly done. Since it at this state now i made a final browser version of the game. I will update/fix the bugs but for the best and most updated version the android version will be superior.

The goal of this project was to make an mobile game for my portfolio that's a 100% done and consists of functions most general mobile games have: auto-updates, achievements, online scores, and ad's. So to better show i understand these concepts and can write the code for it since i want to be able to find contract or jobs in this field since my normal day-job as a Photographer stands still due to corona and with the market  chancing I'm not sure if i will be able to continue at the same rate as before corona.

All puzzles are ready:

The game now has all puzzles done and ready, it can be that a bug got into one or 2 of them but it should all work. The android version has and will have more puzzles, building behind a "click this ad" wall. I decided not to go for any paid options, just ad's for this free to play game. Since ad's in browser games are a bit more messy and not fully possible the Itch version will have 0 ad's. Just as the google play achievements and functions.

Feedback would be awesome:

I would love to get feedback on this game especially the Android version. I will try and act fast and fix bugs and things when they come in. I'm also interested if the instructions are clear about how every building works with the tutorials but also the first levels that works as extra smaller tutorials to make sure everything is clear. As a thank you I can add your name to the credits lists for your help (or company, game name, whatever you want).


I will continue testing and asking for feedback on the mobile version specifically to be sure it all works and it good (enough) and when confident it's all as should be I will release the game on there and do the final browser update (with all the fixed bugs and things). In case of enough downloads/ success I will add more puzzles and buildings to the mobile version. In case a lot of people play the game here on itch I will consider adding extra stuff here too but now sure yet how or when.

Next Project:

After working on this game for some months I feel like making something new and small and have written down a concept for a fun and simple dice game. With the idea to be able to complete this game in a short time-frame. In short, every side of the dice has a different action. With your 20 life points you can buy extra dice, after winning a round you will get extra life for a steal action in game. Giving you an advantage the next round. Try to win 3 rounds and defeat the other player.

Thank you for trying or playing my game "City Builder" !!


citybuilder 45.2 WEBgl beta 34 MB
Dec 31, 2020
citybuilder MAC beta 51 MB
Jan 02, 2021
citybuilder WIN beta 49 MB
Jan 02, 2021

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