Devtober 2020 - Daily post - week 3

Daily post - week 3

This will be updated daily with Dev-log's of me trying to have a complete version online the end of this month for the DEVTOBER game-jam!

12-10-2020 / 14-10-2020 - new beta online!

The new BETA 2.4 is online! There where a few mistakes with the hover recourse reaction, I found out not everything showed the correct amount and some of it was missing. All of this has been fix and i found some other bugs/ inconsistencies that really needed to be fixed so I pushed out a smaller update then usually. It also has the new game-mode with 10 new unique puzzles + basic hi-score system, will add a better more complex one later..

Also started posting some messages in other games comments to with feedback asking feedback in return and started looking around for a UI designer since I just can’t get it too look right. I also want to add an extra level option after you complete a world-level but no idea where in the menu/ UI i can put these levels. So just really need help with this from a design standpoint :)

15-10-2020 - Localization & basic map editor(personal use)

Done a lot today, worked on localization for my app since i want to have it at the google play store at some point and when using this game for experience and portfolio seems like a good thing to know how to do and add to this game! I had some idea's about how to do this but went on to do a tutorial with a bit of a smarter system with spreadsheets and unity editor chances.

Localization tutorial I used (well parts of it, didn't want the use the whole thing).

Also made a start at a basic map editor since I want to make +- 100 puzzles and the text file way I'm doing now is to time consuming. Just wanted something simple and for me easy to use. It does not have to be user friendly (for now). But after thinking about the setup/ UI and making the basic screen I felt more about doing the Localization since its more of a important part to show and test then new puzzles.

15-10-2020 / 17-10-2020 - Localization setup done

I did not make the game at first with the idea in mind to localize it so it took a while to find and setup all the text in game to localized text. I now setup all the text to be translated into different languages including the necessary menus and things. It all works perfectly working from a spreadsheet "Table Tool", using a more basic spreadsheet program works wait better for this and comes with small file sizes. Since not all text is final I will not yet translate the whole game for maybe except Dutch until the very end. But I'm happy it already works :) also had a day off to see friends and get such a bad hangover I could not do much the day after too... I also realised the Linux version was missing from the new beta, but since I'm halfway to the next beta I will wait and upload it then. Seems 1 person so far with Linux downloaded the game so no real harm done I guess.

18-10-2020 - Making a Map-Editor (private use)

Today I have been working on a map editor mainly for myself (but sort of easily chanced to be used in game). It sort of works, but somehow i chanced some core mechanic and now the game seems broken after working long at the editor. My idea was to have a simple editor that doesn't need to look fancy or anything. But it turned out kind of nice in the end, just wanted it to be functional for myself really... the sprites are not always turned in the same direction as the real prefabs but other than that it works, saves and gives playable levels. There are some weird bugs but i think there all connected to the breaking of the core by mistake. But its late so deal with that tomorrow...


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