Devtober 2020 - Last Post - week 5

Daily post - week 5

This will be updated daily with Dev-log's of me trying to have a complete version online the end of this month for the DEVTOBER game-jam!

24-10-2020 / 26-10-2020 - New Beta Online & General updates

This is the last week of the game-jam, the plan is to have a new beta version online at that time. This weekend I uploaded version 3.0 and started looking around for some people to help me out with music, sound & UI. I also have a new list of idea's and improvements after some people tested my game. Today i have been working on the game with this feedback in mind, most feedback was on details and the UI/UX stuff.

Also did a the light at a live show/ streamed concert, played some board-games and had friends over in the weekend. So did not have a ton of this to work on my game in the end... But The plan is to work hard this week to get a new and better version out the end of October with 1 or 2 extra languages, more puzzles and general fixes and improvements :)

27-10-2020 - Building more puzzles, some improvements, writing tutorials

I have been busy today but still managed to do a lot on the game. I chanced a few things that where still on my list and then started working on making new puzzles since I want to have a minimum of 5 puzzles in every world-level. Just 2 more levels to go! And while building these with my custom map editor i also found some mistakes in my so fixed those too. Next i have been putting the missing parts of the tutorials to paper before putting it in the game. Its 75% done so I will probably put it in game tomorrow.

AND! Is it me or is the whole website black since today ;)

28-10-2020 - More puzzles & Tutorials ! + Composer & Sound-FX

First off @jlchinchilla will be doing the music and sound-effects for the game, it will take some time for any of it being in the game. But really looking forward into working together! I'm still looking for an UI/ UX (art) designer and German translator for the localization.

Today I have done a lot, 2 more tutorials are not done and ready and only 2 maps to go to reach my minimum puzzle around of 5 per world level. I did encounter a lot of weird bugs and consistencies in the tutorial *scene. This could be since i chanced the core game in the main *scene. But i really need to test everything properly in the core scene and then work out the bug's everywhere!

30-10-2020 - Almost the end of the Game-Jam, pushing out a new BETA

I thought there was more time but the DEVTOBER game-jam! is almost over. My plan was to have a "final" version to post along with my last post for this game-jam. But things took a lot longer and I lost while playing Eclipse too so sad days... 

I have been updating working on some bugs and inconsistencies + the missing tutorials. There is still a lot left on my list that I would have hoped to put in the new version but had to do some work and things just took longer then expected. But i managed to get things working, updated and ready for a new beta version!  Not everything is in the beta that i hoped but at-leased its again an improvement on the version before it. The weird new problems that arose by making the new tutorials are now fixed + all the tutorials are done, but not the localization.

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