Devtober 2020 - Daily post - week 4

Daily post - week 4

This will be updated daily with Dev-log's of me trying to have a complete version online the end of this month for the DEVTOBER game-jam!

19-10-2020 / 20-10-2020 - Map Editor Done + Working on new Tutorial

The Map editor I build so to more easily build and test levels is done and works great! I'm amazed how it turned out really, might need to but it in game after all! I also found out that I really suck at UI/ UX stuff. Most feedback I get is about this and I seem to struggle a lot with how to position everything in the map editor, tutorial, level selection.. So I just need to find someone who is good at UI/UX and design I already posted something on the forum and started asking around in general. But it seems hard to find someone.

I also fixed a few issues with the game, one I did not notice but break the game with a "City is Full" message after feedback from And while making the map editor some stuff in the core game got chanced my mistakes. I also made the moving cars and things fall off the level instead of disappear and some other stuff.

I also started work on a new and better tutorial with small simple levels and more game-play then the old tutorial. + I will add extra tutorials for the new buildings further in the game.

21-10-2020 / 22-10-2020 - New Tutorial done + New BETA almost done

The new and improved tutorial is now done it might not be perfect yet but its a move into the right direction, would need some feedback to get it to the final state. While working on the tutorial that more in-sync with the core as before i found some bugs and overdone code that fixed. But of-course a few tutorial mechanics messed up the core mechanics so had to chance a few things ones more. But it all works now! 

Sadly the test build did not work first because of a editor only script (should have know) and then an asset database from the map editor error. I have seen this one before but have to look at that project what the fix was back then... Something with the name or location of the recourse folder I think... 

My friend offered to do the Dutch and English localization + spelling check (English and some dutch is already done by me) not sure if it will be in this beta already or the next one.

23-10-2020 - New BETA version ready!

The new beta version will be online very soon, after my "Unity Computer" is done updating what it somehow really wanted to do. The new version will have localization with 2 languages and I'm planning to add 1 language with every new version. The new tutorial is implemented, its not complete since I only did the first part too see if it works better this way. Also fixed a lot of bugs and forgotten things in this version. And also made the 3D world view (magnify glass) more interesting. In case anyone wants to see there city creation up-close. This option might be more for children really, does not add anything just like the "ride" mode in "Rollercoaster Tycoon".

It probably sounds way to familiar that every-time you think the next version (or game) is ready to be exported and errors and bugs show up everywhere. First in the editor while exporting, then when you start things that should or where working just don't. I also have this weird issue that some assets sometimes turn themselves off so appear "invisible" in the game. Its weird, no idea why this happens...

And in case anyone wondered, yes I love to play board-games, since corona hit it's been a lot less sadly, but slowly back there coming back more frequently ;)

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