A downloadable game

This was my first stand alone game idea after several tutorials and tests. Its not much, more the concept of an idea that was WAY to big. Since why not make the number one mistake when making my first game...

It all kind of works, but is far from perfect but i'm still happy with it as a basic concept.

About the game. ....

    •    P = Freeze the camera (or unfreeze)
    •    R = rotate buildings or objects when building them
    •    Z = removes a piece of ground, but DON'T USE IT, just didn't the get it out, had idea's with it but in the end did not use them . :P

Easy mode is sort of the game,

Medium and hard mode are mostly just different levels that are harder. Its even more a concept then anything perfect. There are 2 gun men, they shoot but something is not completely going well. It worked better before, but fuck it! Wanted to end this project.

Game doesn't have sound, except gunshots

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