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All god's are evil and everything about religion is real,  it way worse then you think! After one of the god's was bored and killed your dog, you go out on your quest to burn his churches and kill him. While freeing kids from priest, run away from exploding terrorist,  jews trying to steal your money, while boeda throws away your stuff.

A short Action-RPG with magic and wide range of weapons, spells and enemies. It contains procedurally generate dungeon quests with traps and enemies, earning you randomized loot or upgrades as rewards regarding the dungeon's level.

- No long text's to read (its a game not a book)
- Basic weapon and armour upgrades, find the same item = stats +1
- Linear main story, but with an open world feel
- Tactical magic spells
- Timed  enemy attacks and hit tactics
- Procedurally generate dungeon side quests

This game is a comment about the bad things connected with religion right now and in the past. While making it story look silly by taking it way to serious.


Alpha prototype test demo v1.3 284 MB

Install instructions

- Its designed right now to be played with a (Xbox)Controller. -
but keybord does work (A, S, D, W/ arowkeys + Q, E, space, shift)

This is an early stage demo. Its goes on from start to finish, but there will be bugs and glitches.

no Windows version since controller input is different and cant test it.

Development log

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