A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Concept, Its a simple maze game with a Leader-boards and 6 levels.

You have to find glowing orb and get the best score. The faster, shorter route and less sparkles you use the higher the score.


  • WDSA or Arow-Keys for movement
  • SPACEBAR to drop sparkles
  • ESC to pauze or quit

I made this game as my first small project I could start and Finnish. Its simple, the levels are not amazing and not everything works perfectly but without real errors. For this project that's alright, Its time to go on to the next one!

This is my first complete game and feedback is appreciated. Keep in mind that I know not everything is flawless, but I'm willing to tweak small things and hear suggestions to improve things for future. Thank you!


The Maze beta 1.4APP.zip 47 MB
The Maze beta 1.4EXE.zip 44 MB

Install instructions

There is a .Zip file for the MAC and PC, the game is inside without any installer.

Development log

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