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Look and placeholder art will change to a cartoon/ low-poly look of a holiday island.

A fun, relaxing point and click adventure game  inspired by games form the 80s/90s. Find items, complete quests and solve simple puzzles.  Made in mind with a more casual/ idle game-play style, great while being lazy on the couch or when your looking for a more peaceful game. It also includes a simple battle-card mini-game and detective quests basted on real cases happening on holiday locations.

STORY: A young boy goes to an island where his now older sister that disappeared  has hidden pages of her diary many years before. Hidden for him to find when he becomes of age, old enough so she can tell him her story.
(Partly AI controlled storytelling, depending on the user progression and answers the story unfold)

Platforms: It will firstly be a Mobile-game. It will also be released on here on Itch.io with Updated UI, horizontal view and all monetized included.

Demo: There will be a demo here on Itch (vertical screen) at some point in the future.


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