A downloadable GameJam- Game for Windows and macOS

roguelike CUBEWORLD

Made for  this lovely #game-jam since I'm stuck inside due to the corona virus!

Its my first try on a #rogue-like game and I had a blast! I will update this game later and more levels, bosses, enemy's, items and add some other stuff I did not have to time for (started late in the jam, like 9 days in total).

How to play - Controls
Made to work with an Xbox controller

- Directional keys or WASD + space bar to jump (or A on Xbox controller).
- Sword Attack (if you have one) = Ctrl (or X on Xbox controller).

How to play - Controls
- Find out how to kill enemies, but not all can be killed.
- Some enemy's or level elements need protection Items.
- 2 stages (for now) defeat the boss and go the the next one
- Its all mostly self-explanatory

How to play - TIP
- Get the no instant dead item first!

Roguelike - Concept
- all level "rooms" and "boss rooms" are random also to the path between them. I did not manage to make many rooms, bosses and enemy types yet. So just picture them in your head that they are  there ;)


Roaguelike CubeWorld v1.3.zip 339 MB
Roaguelike CubeWorld WIN v1.3.zip 335 MB

Install instructions

MAC: inside the .zip is the game file of the game. (tested)

WINDOWS: inside the .zip are the game + additional files (not tested, but should work)

Development log

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