A short, simple and fun 2D platform game. It was my first (almost) finished project. Only the Intro/ outro needed to be created but I din't feel like it at the time. But now I finally finished up the game and made a few small improvements to it. Its fun to play so who knows and I will make some more levels, bosses and special weapon/ armour shops.

Disclaimer: This is my take on the online course by "James Doyle". Most sprites are from this course some other graphics and sounds are collected online and partly edited by me.


  • Arrow keys
  • Space

links used:


Platformer Revisited 33 MB
Platformer Revisited 31 MB

Install instructions

Downloadable for Windows and Mac or playable online.

Development log


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That character is from Gdevelop...

no idea, got if trough this unity course i did back then: but i have seen it on other places so could be ;)

I attempted to try your game (in Browser), but I ran into issues.  I tried to go up the ladder, but the character wouldn't go anywhere.  I'm also guessing that, from one of the pictures at the top left of the screen, you're supposed to be able to pick up the gold stars, but that wasn't happening.  It also was showing 0 lives.  Is that supposed to be that way?

Sounds like some things is broken :( i should have the project files still somewhere but not sure where :O but thank you so much for playing! i really need to try and fix this game :)

Finally fixed the issues! Check it out if you want it should all work now.

Doesn't work too good for me actually (playing in browser).
How do you grab the ladder in level 1?

Thanks for your comment, I will look into it! I heard an other complain about the ladder not working well.

Your suppose to press "up" but will chance it that hitting it is enough to climb :)

Finally fixed the issues! Check it out if you want it should all work now.