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My very crapy not really finished Variety Jam - NSFW Valentines entree…

My Entree
This is my very first GamJam, the time frame stressed me out and I made so many  stupid rushed decisions and mistakes. So I learned a lot already! Worked on it for about one full day.

Pixels having sex was alright, so I went for cubical animals (and humans)!

Final concept
A simple simulation game, with animals eating, death and procreate. Used the tree's to build new huts for your workers to let them multiply and move animals around to keep them from getting extinct. But watch out for bears, they kill you. Keep al the spiecies and humans alive. If one dies out, its game over.

Current Concept
An idle game with a few animals doing stuff on there own, lots of stuff still doesn't work great but at leased is some one of a rounded off thing... Better luck next time ;)

Used assets:

Low Poly Animated People

3LE Low Poly Cloud Pack

Free Low Poly Nature Asset

Easy Grass Substance

Yughues Free Fur Materials

Lowpoly Simple House

371 Simple Buttons Pack

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