A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Prototype 2.0.3

All mechanics, level-/ enemy objects are present in this test level.
Everything else is placeholder art and the story(elements) are not in he game yet.


Your a tiny cube inside the mind of Mike who is having a burnout due to an overload of stress. You have to rebuild yourself while stress and (social)media cubes are sticking to you, faster then you can shoot them away. Slowing you down or giving you a temporarily boost, while trying to survive the the issues in your mind.

(Final) Theme

Stress and having a burnout is the main topic of the game. All the enemies, levels and main story will be related to these topic in the final game. Such as talking cubes, mobile phones that follow you, people that hurt you, responsibilities not leaving you alone and so on.

Final Story (not in the prototype)

Mike is at the last year of his studies making his final project, while his girlfriend leaves him, writing school papers, trying to graduate, having to work to pay the bills all while trying to make time for his hobbies and social life. To much work, worries and stresses finally snap his brain and everything falls apart.

Like a flash of light, it seems his mind has been reset and hallow. Lost in thought while standing in the middle of the store staring into the distance. Deep inside his mind an un-aware cube wakes up and after finding the rest of hits head goes off on a quest find the rest of his body while slowly the stresses from the outside world start to slip in, slowing him down, sticking to him while screaming and distracting him from his quest.


Keyboard arows, spacebar, alt/cmd, esp

My questions to you about this game idea:
Feedback would be a great help!


limb for limb test MAC 2.0.3.zip 99 MB
Limb for Limb WIN 2.0.3.zip 100 MB

Install instructions

The Windows version is not tested, please let me know if it does not work!

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