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I have been testing a few game concept idea's to find out what game i want to start working on to completion. This concept game is the last one.

Your a tiny cube and you will find other cubes that boost your abilities in this world. But also enemy cubes that stick to you and slow you down instead of killing you. Rebuild your self with these cube or use coins to get rid of them.

Final Story (not in the prototype)
You have to re-build yourself after having a burn-out and life that fell apart. Finding al the pieces of your body, mind and life and putting it back together. All in a dreamworld inside your  head.

Controls: Keyboard and mouse for he menu's.

My questions to you about this game idea:
Feedback would be a great help!

Sorry for the screenshots within the screenshots. To lazy to fix that right now!

Install instructions

The Windows version is not tested, please let me know if it does not work!


Limb for Limb MAC.zip 123 MB
Limb for Limb WIN.zip 121 MB

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