A photo card game with latex/ fetish/ bondage/ nude photography.

Beta version, after the game City-Builder is done I will continue working on this (more photo sets, play-store version, more solitaire functionality).

I was amaze on the lack of fetish/ latex photography orientated app's on the app store so deceive to give it a go with a simple card-game combined with some of my fetish photography work.

The idea is to play and win points or even gamble away those points to get photo-sets as playing cards but in a photo-gallery. With a widely know game of solitaire. I might add some extra futures and have an app full of content.

The app will have monetization with coins/diamond you can buy. But all the sets except the nude ones can be earned in game.

Please share idea's, errors or requests for this app if you have any.

Install instructions

Mac and Windows version of the Android-Phone game. The game-size is still a bit big since larger photos/ asset stored but not all used.


LatexSolitair beta v0.3 MAC.zip 64 MB
LatexSolitair beta v0.3 WIN.zip 64 MB

Development log


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I'm currently working on this game -> https://guldor.itch.io/citybuilder The faster its done the sooner this one will get massive update's! So give me lots of feedback to speed things up a bit :D