Amarok - Battle Dice

Is a digital dice game focused on mobile. For now I'm testing looks and game mechanics so see what works and if there is a fun game in there or not. All art/sound is placeholder art!

A game consists out of 3 rounds where you invest 20,40 or 60 coins that you will lose or win from the other player. Every round you start with 20life + the life left over from the last round if you won. These life points can also be used to buy cards at the start of each round that you will keep for all rounds. The goal is to destroy the other player using 6sided dice with attacks, defence and steal actions.

This project is just for a smaller game project with repetitive gameplay using different locations and dice against AI players.

-- Rules --  (also in the tutorial)

A gamematch consists of max 3 rounds. Where you use dice and special cards to destroy the other player. Every round costs coins (upper right) staring with 20, but this goes up to 40 and 80. You start a round with 20life but you keep the life left over from the last round if you won.

A round starts with buying attack, defend and special (not yet) cards,. There are 2 types of cards, permanent and one time use cards. You buy the cards using your life points. So the more you buy the less health you have. All permanent and un-used cards are taking with you to the next round, even if you lose. 

The 2 players play in turns, every turn you trow your dice with 6 sides. Melee Defend, Melee Attack, Range attack, Range Defent, Steal Life and Steal Dice. The 4 starting sides speak for them selfs. The life steal, steals life from the other player, they steal back at the same time. So depending who has more will steal life. The dice steal requires you to have 3 more then the other player to steal one of his dice for the rest of the round.

In a turn you trow your dice 3 times, after the first 2 you can pick the dice you want to keep and what you want to re-roll after the other player took there turn.

When the scoring stars, you can add cards you might have, so can the other player. If you use a one time only card, they will be gone after use. So be careful not to use them if not necessary.

You might have seen the white borders on some of the dice sides. These are white spheres you can use to vote to be first player. All the spheres used are destroyed after use. Even if the other player did not vote. Being first means when scoring your attacks go first, if this destroys the other player, you win.

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