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This is cool!


Thank you so much!



This is so cool! Thank you! The phone version on the other hand is a bit newer then the browser one. I will update it soon when the iso version is live ;) but the game stays mostly the same just works better i'm going to watch the video just wanted to reply first :)


You're welcome! Really enjoyed this one :)

i guess you played the whole game already but since i found it very cool what you did if you ever want the final phone or download version for free let me know :)

Hey, I really liked your game! I just wanted to say that there is a typo in the title of the game. Instead of Challenge, it says Challange. 

haha a shit :P thank you so much! Hope the logo or in game does have the right spelling ;)


No problem! The spelling in the game seems ok from what I've seen


The description and preview looks awesome, while when loading this game (which refers to the version: webGL-demo45.1) on my windows8.1-laptop in basilisk-browser, it somehow keeps getting stuck at the loading-screen? I generally adore games that were playable on browser and offered for free to enjoy, play, rate and add personalized opinions/suggestion to the dev-teams (or even feedback possible bugs that could be fixed).

Another minor bugs as text-typo within the itch's description about the game, which is about the downloadable section and the "avalible".

The font and colours for the text and background-graphics on itch looks perfect in its design. I like the method of farming and building, appearances of houses and detailled stuff like machines with added fog/smoke, or plantages that grows active crops, etc.


Thank you for the feedback, i tried the game in the browser a few times myself and in Unity too to see if i could locate the issue. But for me it seems to work just fine. So not sure how to fix the not loading issue :( But will add a windows download version so that one might work better :)

Hearing about bugs and issues is a great help so thank you already!


At least other games on itch-platform using unity and it loads even with cleared cache too, so at least I won't guess it could refer to this issue in that case. While I could still offer more feedback, e.g. if we could do it like: you'd play it on your device and I could "guide" which way or button I would choose, and if I notice unusual stuff, then I could let you know in case of typo's or features that shouldn't appear, etc.

I like to find odd scenes without even searching for them and if I'm playing games, rather because of exploring paths that don't suit to tasks or paths that were expected by the developer's team. I'm on discord in case you'd be open for tests like those? btw: I'm just sharing my info for free only and probably being detailled like spotting minor errors, etc.


your feedback is much appreciated i would love to talk more about it on discord if you would like. Still have not found why the browser version is not working for you. I have added mac and windows builds in the case this happens to anyone else. I have overlooked everything but can't find anything that could cause it :( only that it might be an issiue by unity it self. some kind of general bug kind of thing... But whats your discord name so i can look you up? mine: MarcM#7881


Sure we could textchat/use voice-channels/review that issue about windows or my browser with cam too. My discord's nick starting with an L & I will send you a request there, so the next you're receiving there, could maybe be mine xD


I absolutely love this game. The problem solving and strategy elements are done really well. I'm currently experiencing an issue though. On puzzle 5 of the highway section, I click the level, it starts out saying "Build 12 houses" in the middle of the screen, but the words on the bottom then say "Build 8 houses" but in the building menu, I am only given 7. I have tried to just play it, but once I build 7 houses, it will not let me build any more but the level says it still needs 1 more house to finish. Is there way for me to potentially change up some settings and fix this, or is this a general bug?

this is what the problem looks like

Hi! this is a general bug, but i have it fixed now and there are a few other levels with similar bugs but those are all in the past now :) currently working on the android version and when that one it complete i will build a updated (final) web version. But things are going a bit more slowly then expected but its going well :)
Hope your willing to wait for this! If you want i can add you to the testers list but its only for android at the moment I'm afraid. The hotel levels also don't work a 100% in this version just so you know. But i'm very happy to hear you like my little game! And thank you for pointing it out there is something wrong.


Great. Thanks for letting me know. Good luck with your game development!

Finally fixed the issue and updated the game :)


I love this game!


Hi! Pretty great game overall, really impressed by the general aesthetic of the game. For improvements, I feel like a bulldozer feature where you can remove any of the structures you have placed would work much better then an undo button, since it can be frustrating when you have to reset the entire level because a structure you placed early on is in the wrong position.

Also, the blurring around the edges of the world looks great, but maybe tone it down a bit.

Overall though, it's a fun and unique take on the city builder genre, I look forwards to seeing what you come up with next!

Thank you so much for the feedback! I will look into the undo and maybe make it so you can take back all your steps. Thing is that i want the player to think about the sequence of building and if i would add a bulldoze feature this sequence will be broken. So not sure about that but a and undo that's a bit more forgiven is probably nice :D I'm still working on this game so will take all your feedback and play around with it :)

Hey! I played your game and here is the link to it!:

Hope the feedback helped! And yes, please let me know how the feedback session was! I would be more than happy to hear your thoughts about! Cheers, Good Work! And Happy Game Dev! :D

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Hey there GuldorGames! I played your game and came to give some feedback :)

First of all I'd like to mention very pleasant low-poly graphics and relaxing music. The game is really pleasant to look at! Puzzle mechanics are simple but fun. The difficulty curve is perfect.

I'd like to see the more interactive tutorial. Instead of something like "tap 3 times to build 3 houses" give player a super easy level where it's almost impossible to lose. It will make tutorial much more fun.

On some levels I got "land is full" type of game over message after completing the objective and on other not. For example my objective is to build 4 houses. I place the 4th house on the last square and get a game over. Yet on another level I need to build farms. And when I filled the last square with the farm I've won.

Next, undo and restart button when you finish or fail a level look out of place. I'd recommend to replace them with a round gray button with the white symbols on it. Similar to restart and zoom buttons you use in the bottom right corner.

I really like the tiny details like cars and boats moving around the levels. But they disappear abruptly. Perhaps fading them out will look better. Also I noticed that cars start to fall of the edge before disappearing. I find this hilarious so maybe instead of destroying or fading out vehicles just let them fall of the edge? You could even add a funny cartoon-like scream sound effect when they fall :)

And here is the last thing that I wanted to mention. There are some typos in English version like "shops work a bit differed" but it's not a big deal overall. You can always correct the text in 5 minutes or so ;)

Anyway the game is really fun and not too difficult. I had much fun playing it. Keep up the good work!

Thank you for the feedback! Its all very helpful and will definitely do something about the points your make! I was aware of some of it but definitely not all! And I really need to fix the "Land is full" error, I have an idea why this is happening, so need to fix that! The plan is to have a new version out the end of this week and play around with your feedback in that one :)


Was glad to help :)


Satisfying mechanics, really well made (there's even advices to accompany you on some levels), it feels very complete already, especially with how a certain type of construction may affect others around it (it can have a positive/negative effect depending where you place it)

A puzzle game where you don't get confused  or frustrated when you're stuck

Do not judge the game by its cover though, it looks easy but its not that easy ;)
I really liked my play on it, i would like to propose ideas for the game but nothing comes to my mind since a lot of things are already there

Thank you for the feedback and kind words! Please let me know if you have a game where you need feedback on and I would be happy to look at it :D


You're welcome !
Trust me i will ;p

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Hey. I made a video about the Practice Circle Jam and included your game into it. I enjoyed playing it. I would like to say specific things about game-play. However, it felt so lovely and polished that it is difficult for me to make any suggestions. I hope to see more of your games in the future. I recorded how I played your game on the video. You can check it below. If you want me to cut your game out of the video, let me know. However, if you like the video, I make videos for such developers like you every day. I will be happy if you subscribe.

how cool! Thank you so much!


Thank you for making awesome games.


Hi! This game is really creative and unique. I don’t think I’ve ever played a puzzle game like this before. The levels are pretty challenging. I’m at puzzle 9 and its getting pretty hard haha.

I think what was difficult to understand at first was the values/names on the resources and buildings. You get used to it but having them clearer would create a smoother gameplay. Like the top bar values could use icons next to their name so we can associate them faster with their cost/gain from the tooltip. 

In the tooltip “population”, “energy, food, gold” and “happiness could be separate from each other since they are separated in other places. they could be in the same order as well. like energy, food then gold. then at the end you put a happiness but presented differently. maybe a red/yellow bar depending on loss/gain. just to mimic the energy bar to the right.

i just think it could be easier with clearer visual hierarchy. the game is fun to play and the increase in difficulty is pretty gradual. having buildings synergize together adds more difficulty to the game too. 

I agree, the UI or a more clear recourse visualization would be great. I want to keep things simple and clean still but some reactions seem still a bit unclear. It also does not help that I'm not completely convinced about all the mechanics/ building reactions. think the base is a bit confusing to start with ;) i made a better happiness handling already (behind the scenes.

But sounds great if you want to help with the UI stuff i seem to be a bit stuck on how to do this in the best way. This project is just a game as a learning experience/ portfolio thing so can't really give you much back in return. But the plan is to make a fun little game that eventually ends up on the android play store and is fully completed :) hopefully in a little over a month or so.


Nice execution.


I like!! fun game keep up the good work


Surprisingly fun to play :) Had to think carefully about placing the buildings

I couldn't get past level 10 though. Kept saying that the land was full... but there's 3 empty blocks left?


hmm.. thanks for playing ! i will check whats up with level 10 after to gamejams I'm joining. It should all work could be that its showing the wrong message or i excellently chanced something...


Here's a screenshot. Maybe I'm playing it wrong ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


hmm, your right, seems something is going wrong!
Any other idea, tips or things i should look at or change. I thought maybe the money system is a bit unclear and should be with full coins and never halfs, since i’m going to look at the problem i could make some more chances :)


Yes, I agree with having the coins as integers. Off the top of my head:

  • The loading text at the start is blurry
  • Blue text on blue background isn't very legible (e.g. Energy, Food in the screenshot)

i fixed the level 10 issue by the way :)


Nice! Looks better now and I like the Beta Intro :D